I want to create business value for FolkLogic customers through the development of high quality software, leveraging my entrepreneurial experience as a co-founder and CTO of an Internet start-up along with over twenty years managing, designing and developing networks, computer systems and software for a wide range of products.


June 2006 to present
Co-founder & Partner FolkLogic SARL Quinson, France

We founded FolkLogic to provide high quality software with real business value to our customers through our direct participation in their projects. We do this by developing software, managing projects and training our customers with the best in class techniques we have discovered and developed through our extensive carriers in the computer industry.

I am an equal partner in the company with responsibilities for all aspects of management, software and technology development and customer consulting services. We focus on projects managed through Agile methods where our customers can see business value early and can continue with confidence through periodic releases, which each build value.

Principal Engagements

Xing AG Hamburg, Germany

Xing's Ruby on Rails architecture team wants to isolate the MySQL databases for several sections of their website. I am working to set up the individual database images and maintain the development, test and deployment environments across the Rails portion of the application.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation Albania Threshold Program II (MCCA2) aims to strengthen the rule of law, reduce corruption, and increase public oversight, thereby improving the business environment in Albania through IT solutions and technical assistance.

I managed the software element of four project components in cooperation with the component teams and the Albanian government:

  • business licensing center—case management system for license and permit applications, which engaged the center staff as well as the ministries responsible for validation of more complex licenses.
  • tax modernization—enhanced the existing taxpayer e-services and created a cases management systems to facilitate process reengineering of tax collection and criminal investigation of tax evasion
  • territorial planning—created an on-line registry of construction permits and their applications and provided an on-line GIS based map management system to facilitate land planning reforms
  • administrative court—created a case management system to automate the management of court cases while providing transparency through a public web-site

All the software development for these projects is contracted to a single sub-contractor and I set up Scrum to manage all the projects together with a monthly iteration cycle. The planning meeting brings together the priorities of all four components to create a single plan for the developers each month.

All the components wrote “User stories” to describe the software that they needed, which were in turn used as the work items in the Scrum project backlog.

In addition to managing development, I mentored the design, specification and validation of each of the software products.

Mirai Madrid, Spain
Mirai was looking to upgrade their product and their development team at the same time. We helped them fulfill their vision in several ways:
  • solidified their Agile practices with real-world experience and specific practices tailored to their way of business
  • re-engineered their website to incorporate an Agile friendly development framework (Ruby on Rails) and to better integrate their in-house web designers into the development work-flow by incorporating XSLT rendering, which leveraged the designers existing skills
  • created Rails based tools to gather and manage photo and geographic content that made their site more engaging

Folklogic staff worked on-site one out of three weeks. While off-site we participated in a daily by video stand-up meeting and kept in touch by IM. Also while off-site, we periodically hosted Mirai staff in France for week-long programming sprints.

AutoScout24 Munich, Germany

AutoScout24 was looking to get a lot of work done on their custom sales CRM and we filled out their Ruby on Rails development team as senior developers. We headed their work on LaTeX and gnuplot based reporting and processing distribution of legacy data migration. We also worked side by side with the rest of the team on the sales commission and contract management functions.

Worked full-time on-site.

April 2002 to January 2007
Co-founder & CTO Quiconnect SAS Grenoble, France

As CTO, was responsible for the research, design, development and deployment of all technological aspects of the business, including client-side and back-office software and networks as well as internal and external IT. This involved directing and advising on technology at the senior management and board level, management and mentoring of a team of 17 software and network service engineers and personal, hands-on development and deployment of many of the companies software and network systems.

Quiconnect, through the management of business-to-business financial and technical roaming relationships, makes seamless public broadband Internet access available through its customers and partners to their consumers worldwide with a single account.

To do this, Quiconnect employs a geographically diverse and highly-available RADIUS based AAA infrastructure to connect its business clients and provides financial settlement services through application specific software. All systems are standards based and leverage open-source software extensively. In addition, Quiconnect also develops software and system tools to make it easier for consumers to get access to public Wi-Fi hot-spots and works with its customers to deploy these tools as part of customers' existing product offering.

January 1999 to May 2002
Staff Engineer Sun Microsystems Meylan, France

As a software architect on the Carrier Grade High-Availability Platform, worked with customers and other Sun organizations to design an 99.999% availability architecture with remote management through SNMP on hot-swappable telco-grade cPCI components. This architecture provided the flexibility to integrate other management protocols and introduce new hardware and software components.

Was the senior designer for Sun's contribution to the TeleMangement Forum (TMF) Mobile Service Quality Management (SQM) Catalyst project. The Sun team created a prototype to validate the SQM concepts and contributed a Java based GUI for displaying network service quality measures and highlighting customer SLA violations. The GUI communicated with the rest of the prototype system using Java RMI.

January 1989 to December 1998
Senior Staff Engineer Motorola Inc. Schaumburg, Illinois

Internet & Networking Group

As part of a primary-line packet cable VoIP telephony project, participated in the IETF and managed system requirements that emphasized PSTN level high availability.

Designing and implementing the user interface, camera control and serial communication driver software for a video phone set-top box.

iDEN Infrastructure

iDEN is a mobile telephone and trunked radio hybrid system rolled out by Nextel in the US. Had the following responsibilities as part of the team working on iDEN:

  • Senior engineer for an iDEN high-availability platform consolidation project. Was responsible for general architecture and design across the project as well as the designing and implementing the Frame Relay fault management.
  • Technical lead for on-line code distribution project. Developed system requirements and lead team of 10 development engineers.
  • Research into network-management and software productivity technology.
  • Chair of software development process steering committee.
  • Department webmaster — automated work-flow and provided access to corporate databases.

GSM Infrastructure

Part of a 5 person development team responsible for the distributed, embedded telephony operating system. In addition to contributing to the overall system design, was personally responsible for the design, implementation and testing of following elements and features:

  • distributed inter-process communication
  • processor and process initialization
  • software exception handling
  • trap handling
  • serial drivers
  • software build system
  • PC based token-ring software delivery tool
  • common code based for diverse processor types
Summer 1988
Software Engineer Eberline Instruments Santa Fe, New Mexico, US

In the Software Research and Design Engineering group, developed software for two projects as part of a University of Michigan cooperative education program: RS-232 based plutonium detector calibration software; and embedded software for a dosimeter reader prototype.

January 1987 to August 1987
Software Engineer IBM Federal System Division Owego, New York, US

During a University of Michigan cooperative education position, worked in the Avionic Software Design group on a US Air Force helicopter project to design, code and test navigation map control software in Jovial.


Sept. 1985 to Dec. 1988
The University of Michigan Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Sept. 1983 to June 1985
Michigan State University Preliminary engineering courses Lansing, Michigan, USA


English - mother tongue
French - functional
Software Design & Development
Agile Development, Scrum, eXtreme Programming,
Structured Methods, Object Modeling, UML, SDL, Domain Engineering, Distributed Processing, Real Time Software Design, Fault Tolerance, High Availability
Internet Application Development
Ruby on Rails,
Ajax, Apache, CSS, Cucumber, jQuery, JSON, LigHTTP, Mongrel, mod-rails, PHP, Prototype, Rspec, Selenium, Webrat, XML, XSLT
Programming Languages
Ruby, C/C++, Javascript,
Assembler, Java, Lex & Yacc, Lisp, Pascal, Perl, csh, tcsh, ksh, sh, awk
Operating Systems
Linux, MacOS, UNIX (Solaris, HP, Tandem),
Windows, DOS, pSOS, Vertex, proprietary