Folklogic will develop and manage your software to
provide value as your business evolves.



Millennium Challenge Corporation

Mirai EspaƱa

ScaleUp Technologies


Web applications are our specialty. Ruby and Rails are often our tools of choice, but we are well-equipped to tackle projects that involve a wide range of technologies. We have over 50 years of combined development experience in areas that include networking, computer vision, 3D graphics, wireless gadgets, real-time embedded operating systems, enterprise IT, billing systems, and mobile telephony, to name only a few. We learned a lot about developing and managing software on the corporate ladder — Larry Baltz was CTO at Quiconnect and David Anderson was a Senior Scientist at Sun Labs Europe — but we'd rather be writing sensible software for you.

We use Agile software development methods, and that means that at each step in your project we will work closely with you, breaking the work into prioritized, bite-sized chunks that provide clear business value. We add these chunks as we go so you see your software's value growing. We will be ready to make adjustments as you give us feedback about what's working, and what isn't, and as your needs change. Our job is to build the value you need.

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